Using hCG as a Dietary Aid or as a Anabolic Steroid Promoter

hCG is used around the world as a diet aid. Half a century ago in 1954 the Lancet published an article by Simeons, which claimed that human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) was a promoter of fat mobilization and weight loss. Today, the Simeon’s claim “The Simeons Diet” which originated only from this Lancet publication is plastered across internet sites and diet clinics all across the world, with the claim that based on this old publication in the top medical journal, it must be the world’s greatest diet.

In the original article (Simeons 1954) on hCG and diet, Simeons conducted studies in which participants were restricted to 500 kcal per day and were given 125 IU urinary hCG as a supplement. Amazing weight loss results were reported in a totally uncontrolled study. The weight loss was attributed in the Simeons article to the fat-mobilizing effect of the hCG injections (no evidence ever published to support this), hCG was also claimed to suppress appetite (no evidence ever published to support this).

In 1959, Sohar claimed that the Simeons diet was false. This study suggested that the weight loss was solely due to the 500 kcal diet and not the hCG supplementation. Then Craig et al. 1963 and Frank in 1964 each conducted their own studies based on the Simeons diet. Independently, both studies agreed that there was no possible relationship between hCG administration and loss of weight or hunger suppression. More recently, numerous carefully controlled large double blind studies failed to confirm any evidence that hCG has any role as a dietary supplement, that it can mobilize fat, or is an appetite suppressant of any kind (Hutton & Creticos 1967, Ballin & White 1974, Greenway & Bray 1977, Berger at al 1980, Richter et al 1987, Lijesen 1995, Breda et al 2003, Trudeau 2007).

In summary one non-controlled study (Simeons 1954) suggest that this diet has credence, and more that 10 studies, including carefully controlled large double blind studies shows that hCG has nothing more than a placebo effect. Hundred of science studies have examined the biological functions of hCG, none have shown any appetite or mobilization of fat functions. In conclusion, anyone trying to sell or push the hCG diet is selling of pushing lies. IT DOES NOT WORK.

Many sportsmen want a drug to promote muscle growth. Testosterone promotes muscle growth, but there in no testosterone pill available, they are liver-toxic. Many sportsmen give themselves shots of hCG to promote testosterone and muscle growth. This is illegal and is banned by all sports authorities. Furthermore, as discussed below it can cause cancer. SO SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

In the last 13 years the USA hCG Reference Service has been investigating the link between hCG and cancer. As shown in a previous section (see home page: D3 hCG the cancer promoter) two variants of hCG, hyperglycosylated hCG and hCG free ß-subunit, are actually the driving signals of all human cancers. These molecules are produced by cancer cells and bind and antagonize a TGFß receptor on the same cancer cells. They drive cancer growth, and cancer cell production of the enzyme involved in invasion or malignancy. As demonstrated, antibody to these molecules completely blocks all human cancer cells.

As we now know (see home page D4 hCG commercial preparations), MOST hCG preparation are made from pregnancy urine, so contain hCG, hyperglycosylated hCG and hCG free ß-subunit, or contain hCG plus the two cancer promoters. Research shows that the two molecules can activate pre-cancers and activate early malignancies that would otherwise be suppressed by the immune system. THESE MUST BE AVOIDED, NO DIETARY AID OR OTHER USE. The only exception is recombinant hCG (Serono Ovidrel), which is 100% hCG. The only problem with this is that it has been proven that when administered to a patient, in the blood it breaks up into hCG free ß-subunit, one of the carcinogens.

Anyone thinking about hCG as a diet aid or for anabolism, must avoid it, or face the consequences, CANCER. Their are several reports on the internet of people developing cancer after taking hCG.