USA hCG Reference Service


    The USA hCG Reference Service specializes in finding a simple explanation of why some men and women are positive in hCG pregnancy tests and not pregnant. They also use multiple specialized hCG variant tests to make specialized gestational trophoblastic disease diagnoses, and offers to physicians and the public a resource for critical information about hCG to optimally assist you.

A.   How to refer a patient to the USA hCG Reference Service

B.   Simple reasons why men + women can be positive for hCG but not pregnant

C.   Understanding gestational trophoblastic diseases

D1. hCG the root of Human Evolution

D2. hCG 5 biologically active variants and multiple degradation products

D3. hCG the cancer promoter

D4. hCG commercial preparations

E.   Laboratory, office and home pregnancy tests

F.   Using hCG as a Dietary Aid or as a Anabolic Steroid Promoter

G.   Dr. Cole’s Pertinent hCG Publications

H.   Dr. Cole's New Paperback Book, life story including USA hCG Reference Service



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