Refer a Patient

The USA hCG Reference Service is an independent entity (NPI #1851545685, IRS# 45-4025619), as is part of Cole Choriogonadotropin Consulting LLC. All referrals are sent a 2-5 page formal clinical report, with clear treatment recommendations, for inclusion in the patients medical records.

The USA hCG Reference Service currently is currently testing in house and sending samples to multiple other laboratories for independent immunoassays. The Reference Service process requires approximately 10 mL of serum (MUST BE SEPARATED) and pregers 3-4ml serum X 3, and 10 mL of urine collected at the same time for each referral. Serum should be separated from red blood cells in red-top tubes. Samples must be sent overnight express mail. Samples must be received on Tuesday through Friday to prevent thawing and sample damage. The urine and separated serum should be shipped frozen with dry ice or frozen blue ice by overnight carrier service.

The USA hCG Reference Service currently sends samples to Tricore Laboratories, measures Immulite total hCG, FSH and Dimension total hCG (CLIA 32DO534957), to Quest Diagnostics who measures hyperglycosylated hCG (CLIA license 05D0643352), and University Alberta, Edmonton, who measure hCG free ß-subunit.

The sample shipment must include the following

1. The completed information form (to access form click here). This insures that we know essential patient criteria including the patient’s home address for sending receipts with CPT codes etc., and whom to contact to discuss the case with, and what doctor should receive the final clinical report.

2. A letter by a physician outlining all pertinent clinical history, and any previous pertinent hCG test results (list dates, test values, and laboratory performing test), or a copy of patient’s medical records.

3. A means of covering the actual costs of our service. Each case requires 7 days of laboratory test time and approximately 5 hours of Dr. Cole’s work reading patient history, analyzing patient results and writing a report. The cost of our service has been independently calculated as $985 per case. This can be paid by one of the following 3 means:

a. Patient or institution writes a check for $985, check should be made payable to Laurence A. Cole. In our experience 90% of cases are then fully reimbursed by their medical insurance.
b. Patient sends purchase order from the referring institution for $985. Payment must be made within 28 days.

To submit samples, records, the information form, and means of payment, ship (Fedex/UPS) to:
Do no use US Postal Express

Laurence Cole PhD
USA hCG Reference Service
34 Broadmoor Way
Angel Fire, New Mexico 87710
E-mail: larry@hcglab.com

For mail, write to –

Laurence A. Cole PhD
P.O. Box 950
Angel Fire, New Mexico 87710

After samples have been shipped, please e-mail Dr. Laurence Cole with the tracking number (larry@hcglab.com)

For further information, contact the hCG Reference Service:

Laurence A. Cole, Ph.D.
Telephone: (505) 263-9635 (cell phone) or
(575) 377-1330 if no reply
E-mail: larry@hcglab.com