hCG Commercial Preparations

Multiple preparations of hCG are available for clinical use. For clinical use in promoting pregnancy ovulation and promoting ovarian steroidogenesis, for inappropriate use as a dietary supplement, and for improper use in promoting testosterone steroid anabolism by sports players.

Here we list details of 7 commercial preparations. We know that other lest solid preparations are available for questionable nasal and tablet administration. In our experience these preparations generally contain little or no hCG. These are not listed here.

Preparation are listed in order of hCG content:

Serono Ovidrel, from CHO-Cell Recombinant hCG, 100% hCG, <0.1% impurities, hyperglycosylated hCG, hCG free ß, & ß-core, bioactivity 11,900 IU/mg

Serono Profasi, from pregnancy urine, 92% hCG, 6.0% hyperglycosylated hCG, 1.6% hCG free ß-subunit, 0.6% ß-core, bioactivity 10,000 IU/mg

Scripps >99% hCG, from pregnancy urine, 82% hCG, 2.2% hyperglycosylated hCG, 14% nicked hCG, 0.8% free ß-subunit, 0.8% ß-core fragment, bioactivity 11,000 IU/mg

Scripps >80% hCG, from pregnancy urine, 57% hCG, 6.8% hyperglycosylated hCG, 15% nicked hCG, 5% free ß-subunit, 16% ß-core fragment, bioactivity 9,000 IU/mgFerring

Ferring Choragon, from pregnancy urine, 40% hCG, 4.0% hyperglycosylated hCG, 12% nicked hCG, 5.0% free ß-subunit, 39% ß-core fragment, bioactivity 5,000 IU/mg

Organon Pregnyl, from pregnancy urine, 31% hCG, 7.0% hyperglycosylated hCG, 10% nicked hCG, 12% free ß-subunit, 40% ß-core fragment, bioactivity 3,000 IU/mg

Scripps >15% hCG, from pregnancy urine, 11% hCG, 13% hyperglycosylated hCG, 13% nicked hCG, 13% free ß-subunit, 50% ß-core fragment, bioactivity 2,000 IU/mg

Sigma C5297, from pregnancy urine, 8% hCG, 12% hyperglycosylated hCG, 14% nicked hCG, 14% free ß-subunit, 52% ß-core fragment, bioactivity 3,000 IU/mg

The preparation of CHO-cell recombinant hCG, is recombinant hCG expressed in Chinese Hampster Ovary cultured cell. This permits combination and glycosylation. This preparation is 100% pure. The preparations from pregnancy urine, are urines collected in Asia and urine from pregnant women. The hCG is extracted from the urine.

In the last 13 years the USA hCG Reference Service has been invistigating the link between hCG and cancer. As shown in a previous section (see home page: D3 hCG the cancer promoter) two variants of hCG, hyperglycosylated hCG and hCG free ß-subunit, are actually the driving signals of all human cancers. These molecules are produced by cancer cells and bind and antagonize a TGFß receptor on the same cancer cells. They drive cancer growth, and cancer cell production of the enzyme involved in invasion or malignancy. As demonstated recently (Cole et al 2012), antibody to these molecules completely blocks all human cancer cells.

As we now know, MOST hCG preparation are made from pregnancy urine, so contain hCG, hypergycosylated hCG and hCG free ß-subunit, or contain hCG plus the two cancer promoters. Research shows that the two molecules can activate pre-cancers and activate early malignancies that would otherwise be suppressed by the immune system. THESE MUST BE AVOIDED, NO DIETARY AID OR OTHER USE. The only exception is recombinant hCG (Serono Ovidrel), which is 100% hCG. The only problem with this is that it has been proven that when administered to a patient, in the blood it breaks up into hCG free ß-subunit, one of the carcinogens.

Anyone thinking about hCG as a diet or for anabolism purposes, must avoid it, or face the consequences, CANCER. Their are several reports on the internet of people developing cancer after taking hCG.